TechArtICT is a collective which creates and installs interactive and immersive artwork. The group was founded May 2022 and features a rotating group of artists and engineers who collaborate, imagine then build innovative work at the intersection of engineering and art.


TechArtICT envisions work that captivates and engages audences by enveloping them in multi-sensory experiences. By blending cutting edge technologies with traditional art forms, we blur the lines between art, artist and participant. Often playful in nature, our work captivates viewers and participants with awe and joy.

  • Search for Solace

  • Dreamgrass

  • Cybergarden

Resident Artists

We are a dynamic collective that brings together a range of talents and perspectives. Functioning as a renaissance community, we imagine then build our interactive and immersive artwork together.

  • Ernie Kind

  • John Harrison

  • Meghan Miller

  • Pankaja W

  • Tom McGuire

Local Partner Organizations

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