Previously from a technology and engineering background, in late 2021, I found my passion for creating veering away from the adolescent startup I had spent half a decade at. Instead, I saw new media and interactive-immersive art as a way to channel my passion for technology into a realm that fostered communal working across diverse and multi-talented individuals, and offered a much more fascinating application of technology.

My values revolve around community and collaboration to create something better. The fusion of art and technology has exposed me to a new world of collaboration, where skills are shared to create something that was previously unimagined, and individuals work in new, unfamiliar realms giving rise to fresh perspectives and ways of thinking. The result is a dynamic creation process that is as meaningful to the participants as the final product will be to its audience.

The addition of tech into art forced me to reassess what art meant to me. I discovered that it can connect people across time and space, and that I wanted art to effect change in its audience, whether by stirring emotions, inciting action, prompting introspection, or simply offering a fresh perspective. Art should speak for itself. Interactive art introduces new dynamics that draw you into the piece. I admire art that fosters a sense of community by bringing together two strangers or work that adapts itself in response to one’s presence. I aspire to create or contribute to more works of this nature.